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Enjoy Airbnb Style Holiday Let Management in Bridgwater

Enjoy Airbnb Style Holiday Let Management in Bridgwater

29 May 2021

Do you own a short-let property in Bridgwater? Short lets offer several advantages over long-term rental properties. You can opt for Airbnb-style hosting and use it to earn passive income without having to take on long-term tenants.

Of course, you will need to do your due diligence and vet guests before you rent out the property. You’ll also have to take care of cleaning and make sure the property is maintained properly to continue attracting high-quality tenants.

With short let management in Bridgwater, you can transfer most of these worries to a professional company offering holiday let management in Bridgwater and property management in Bridgwater. Read on to learn what is short let management and what you can expect from these services.

What Is Short Let Management?

Short-term rentals are highly appealing to property owners that do not want to deal with the hassle of long-term renting. They can rent out these properties to tourists and business professionals visiting Bridgwater and charge high nightly rates. However, managing these properties comes with its own challenges. You need to be able to communicate with your tenants, resolve any conflicts, make sure you get paid on time and manage the upkeep of the property. This can disrupt your personal life, and you might find yourself pulled away from your other job (or time with your family) to resolve a guest’s issues.

Short let rental management allows you to work with a team of professionals who can take care of your property on your behalf. This includes a wide variety of services. It primarily depends on which service you are using for short let management in Bridgwater. If you are opting for Pass the Keys Bridgwater, then you expect the following services:

Vetting Guests

Pass the Keys is a reliable service for holiday let management in Bridgwater and property management in Bridgwater. You can count on our team to vet your guests thoroughly and make sure that your property is rented out to responsible tenants. This can help you avoid extra expenses resulting from property damage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Pass the Keys Bridgwater can look after the property and make sure it is clean and well-maintained to impress guests and provide a high-quality experience.

Guest Support Available 24/7

As experts in short let management, we can take care of your guests round-the-clock, handle complaints, and resolve any issues to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Monitoring Your Revenue and Occupancy

Pass the Keys Bridgwater also monitors your revenue and occupancy rate. We can recommend suitable changes that help you increase your revenue and get more use out of your short-let.

Client Management and Remote Check-ins

We have a dedicated client portal that allows us to maintain records of all client bookings, invoices, service logs, and average nightly rates. You can access this portal to keep an eye on your revenue and reserve the property for personal use when required.

We also allow your clients to check in remotely. This feature is particularly attractive for corporate guests and business travellers looking to check-in quickly without advance notice.

Wrapping it Up

Opting for holiday let management in Bridgwater and property management in Bridgwater can offer you peace of mind as you continue investing in rental properties while a team of professionals looks after your guests. It can improve your ROI and allow you to focus on other essential aspects, such as marketing your properties to grow your customer base.

If you are searching for short let management in Bridgwater, reach out to us today and let us help you out!