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5 Places to Visit in and around Bridgwater on your next trip

5 Places to Visit in and around Bridgwater on your next trip

4 Jun 2021

Visit Bridgwater

Are you planning to visit Bridgwater? A historic and lively town in Somerset, Bridgwater attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to participate in its famous street carnival held in November. There’s a lot more to Bridgwater, though. The town is home to a number of attractions that you can visit. Let’s take a look at what these are and what you can do on your next trip.


Blake Museum

The Blake Museum is housed in a building from the 16th century. It carries archaeological relics and other items tracing the history of Bridgwater as well as other surrounding areas. You’ll also find plenty of things related to historical figures, art, entertainment, textiles, maritime, and World War I in the museum’s collections.

The museum is free to visit, and you can make a trip with your children to uncover interesting facts about the town.


Bridgwater Arts Centre

The Bridgwater Arts Centre was built in 1946. It was the first arts centre to open in Britain that received the Arts Council support. The theatre has a capacity for seating over 175 people. It has a large proscenium stage and plenty of wing space. Over the years, the theatre has been home to several memorable performances. The rooms within the centre also have original Georgian architectural features, a source of fascination for many history lovers.


Hinckley Point A & B Power Stations & Visitor Centre (Cannington Court)

Located near Quantock and Hinckley Point, the Hinckley Point A & B power stations is another popular tourist attraction in Bridgwater. Hinckley Point B is a nuclear power station. It was the first station in the UK to use an advanced gas-cooled reactor to generate electricity. Hinckley Point A has also been generated low-carbon electricity since 1976. The station powers 81 million homes.

The station recently opened a new visitor centre where you can learn interesting facts about the construction and operation of Hinkley Point B and C. You can also find out about low-carbon energy systems that are expected to become mainstream in the future.


Tropiquaria Wildlife Park

If you are planning to visit Bridgwater, then a trip to the Tropiquaria Wildlife Park is a must! Previously a BBC transmitting station, the park is now home to various types of snakes, spiders, lizards, and other creepy crawlies. There is also an aquarium carrying an expansive collection of exotic fish sourced from around the world.

Kids can enjoy a showing at the Shadow Puppet Theatre and experience indoor fun with a new play castle and 2 adventure pirate galleons. The park also has a radio museum and adventure fort, giving you and your family plenty of things to do.  


Hestercrombe Gardens

These historic gardens stretch out over 50 acres. They are open during June, July, August, and September and are perfect for visiting after work or school. You can enjoy a traditional charcoal burn and BBQ every Wednesday and choose from a wide selection of wood-fired pizzas, barbecues, and other food items. There’s also entertainment in terms of music or punting.

Ready to visit Bridgwater, Somerset? Keep following us to stay up-to-date on new attractions in the area and plan your trip!